join our mission in creating a safe and supportive haven for our viewers growth on the world’s first streaming network for overall health and wellness.”

– Josh & Shane

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monetize your existing content, on a holistic platform that actually cares about you.

retain all Content Ownership and Control

Retain full ownership, rights and creative control over all of your content. Brio respects and deeply cares about your brand, vision and creative execution.

Keep doing what you're doing, just add us

Brio offers a non-exclusive, diversification of income streams. Expanding revenue potentials beyond just YouTube and social media. With better payouts too!

More ways to monetize within brio

Host courses, workshops, and even live events as pay-per-view content. Offering even more ways to monetize within the Brio community.

Deeply engaged and targeted demographic

It takes a lot of time and resources finding your people and standing out amongst the noise. Brio offers a highly targeted and immensely engaged community of active wellness consumers.

Freedom from Platform Uncertainty

The ever-changing landscape of social media and platform algorithms causes uncertainty with content reach. Brio provides a stable and consistent platform for your content, courses, podcasts and more.

We love your unique content and want your message to impact as many lives as possible.

brio exposes you to untapped audiences leveraging our unique marketing and promotional power.

expanding your brand and reach onto new screens.

Joining our pioneering streaming wellness network means expanding into previously unreachable markets. We’re opening content delivery discussions with the following:

major hotels, in-room entertainment

Corporate employee wellness initiatives

student health programs, schools and universities

Hospitals, in-room entertainment

addiction and recovery centers

Healthcare providers mental health programs

major airlines, in-flight entertainment

labor union wellness and mental health programs

And you’ll get paid for all these views!

50% of all monthly  subscriptions go to you based on video watch times.

“Algorithm changes are almost always for the benefit of the platform, not the creator.

Right now, the market is calling for a new paradigm where creators receive equitable compensation for the value they create — a paradigm where those who are endlessly influential are able to establish reliable streams of income so that they can continue doing what they do best.

It’s increasingly essential for creators to evaluate how they can be compensated fairly and reliably in a society where they’re being held ransom by profiteering platforms.”

Rolling Stone Magazine
September 2023


features and community engagement

features and community engagement

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Video CMS

From tiered subscriptions to rentals and pay-per-view, monetize on your terms.


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Our superior encoding provides lightning-fast video ingestion, and our ‘continue where you left off’ feature ensures your upload progress isn’t lost in case you go offline or just wander away from the page.


  • Built in Video Hosting. Choose to upload a single video or easily upload in bulk. Add extras like PDFs and workbooks to each video or collection. We instantly and automatically prepare your content for multi-device delivery, thanks to the fastest encoding on the market.
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HTML5 Online Video Player. Built to give you the fastest video playback in Full HD on any device. Smooth, crisp and secure every time.


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Forge a strong bond with your audience. Foster and grow your own community around your content.


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  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 99.99% Uptime
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  • Geo-blocking content restrictions

Content creators we’re reaching out to:

relationship with self and others

Brene Brown

Pioneering vulnerability research, her authenticity and empathy inspire deep connections, shaping cultures with courage, compassion, and understanding, touching hearts and fostering transformative change worldwide with her profound insights.

Mel Robbins

A motivational expert, she empowers millions with practical advice and infectious energy, guiding individuals toward positive change and success with her impactful insights and unwavering encouragement.

Esther Perel

Celebrated for insights into relationships, her wisdom navigates love’s complexities, enriching lives globally with profound understanding of intimacy, desire, and human connection, inspiring transformative growth.

Justin Baldoni

Actor, filmmaker, and author. His podcast Man Enough reframes masculinity, building a movement around healthy manhood and greater equity for all. Empowering with vulnerability and compassion, fostering connections.

Dr. Nicole LaPera

“The Holistic Psychologist” empowers individuals to heal themselves, fostering growth and transformation through mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassionate guidance, inspiring profound positive change in others.

Keilani & James - Delightfully Dysfunctional

Navigating life’s chaos with humor and authenticity, sharing relatable stories and insightful conversations on embracing imperfection.

Reflections Of Life with Justine & Michael

They use their passion for filmmaking and love of storytelling, to remind their audience of one simple truth – that we are all human – inside our hearts and minds, we all face similar challenges.

Heidi Priebe

A psychologist known for her accessible take on Attachment Theory, shame, addiction, and healing our past. Her work masterfully simplifies complex ideas for everyday understanding,  application and healing.

Haven Weits

Offers authentic, vulnerable, curious conversations with guests, providing big sister advice in a safe space for meaningful discussions and honest exploration.

jimmy knowles

Drop your defenses and open your heart; Jimmy  uncovers the thoughts and behaviors sabotaging your relationship and what you can do about it. Creating safety and closeness with your partner.

Campfire Stories with Mattias Olsson

The films and podcast episodes presented at Campfire Stories focus on solutions and on the root cause of the troubles of our times. They aim to challenge the general feeling of “I’m just one person, what does it matter what I do?”.

work/life balance

Steven Bartlett The Diary of a ceo

Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, author and host of The Diary of a CEO – an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential thinkers.

Aileen - Lavendaire

Offering empowering content and resources for personal growth, fostering a beautiful, meaningful life through Aileen’s practical, inspirational insights and tools.

Matt d'avella

Matt transforms lives with minimalism, advocating simplicity, fostering true fulfillment. His journey and advice inspire profound changes and encourage stepping out of comfort zones.

Sophie - Malamalife

Championing slow living, guiding others to embrace simplicity for genuine happiness. Her content inspires a deeper, more intentional approach to life, soaking up the simple joys all around us.

Sacha Bourlon

Sacha Bourlon, a creative powerhouse, delivers stunningly inspiring content on art, lifestyle, and travel. With a seamless blend of passion and authenticity, he invites you into a world of beauty and exploration.

Michelle - Muchelleb

Crafting content on self-compassionate productivity, mindset mastery, and behavior change, while also creating tools to facilitate these transformative processes.

Nischa Shah

Nischa Shah, an Investment Banker with an accountancy background, shares insights on personal finance, self-development, and business, empowering others along her journey.

Matt Gray

Matt Gray masterfully blends tech innovation with entrepreneurship, guiding startups to success. His insights and strategies inspire and empower the next generation of digital pioneers.

financial health

Dr. ali abdaal

Dr. Ali Abdaal’s work is a beacon for anyone looking to navigate the challenges of modern life with grace, efficiency, and joy. His blend of professional and personal expertise makes for a deeply empathetic approach to teaching.

Kiersten & Julien - Rich & Regular

A charismatic and dynamic couple dedicated to promoting financial empowerment, inspiring others to achieve independence and wealth through their journey and insights.

Graham Stephan

With a knack for demystifying finance, Graham Stephan inspires with practical insights on investing, real estate, and financial independence, fostering a community hungry for financial wisdom.

Clever Girl Finance

Simplified financial independence for women, offering accessible financial advice and courses. They empower women to manage savings, investments, and debts, making financial education engaging and empowering.

Andrei Jikh

Focussing on personal finance, investing, and cryptocurrency, Andrei brings a unique and engaging presentation style. His content is well-researched, combining foundational financial principles with current trends.

Jaspreet Singh - Minority Mindset

A visionary challenges financial norms, offering engaging content to empower individuals in managing money, wise investing, and creating passive income, fostering a paradigm shift in financial education.

Our Rich Journey with Amon & Christina

Sharing their FIRE journey, they inspire with practical tips on making, saving, and investing money, fostering a community of FIRE starters, inviting all to pursue financial independence together.

Jeremy Lefebvre

Guiding you through the financial maze with practical insights, Jeremy empowers viewers to embark on a transformative journey toward success, making the complexities of investing accessible and engaging.

The Financial Diet - Chelsea Fagan

With a mix of financial savvy and lifestyle relatability, Chelsea transforms how we think about money, promoting smarter spending, saving, and authentic living.

Charlee Wayne

Sharing his journey from humble beginnings, Charlee offers insights on growing wealth and financial freedom that resonate with those eager to learn and grow alongside him.

Paula Pant

Empowering us to break financial constraints, Paula equips us with smart money management and investment strategies, offering straightforward tools and insightful guidance for navigating the journey to financial independence.

Nate O'Brien

Nate brings a minimalist approach to personal finance, offering insights on frugality, investing, and the path to financial independence, guiding his audience with clarity and purpose.

nutrition & Lifestyle


ZOE conducted the world’s most comprehensive nutrition study, crafting personalized nutrition programs. Discover how your body uniquely responds to food, unlocking insights for optimal health, tailored just for you.

Andrew & Larisha Bernard - Make It Dairy Free

Crafting delicious vegan recipes that bring comfort and joy to every table, Andrew & Larisha’s journey from humble beginnings to vegan champions inspires a vibrant, mouthwatering dairy-free lifestyle that everyone can embrace.

rich roll

As a vegan ultra-endurance athlete and plant-based nutrition advocate, Rich Roll exemplifies transformative, courageous living. His work inspires a global audience toward healthier lifestyles through the power of plants.

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa’s approach intertwines fitness, nutrition and meditation presenting a holistic wellness pathway. Her programs nurture the body, mind, and spirit, encouraging a balanced, healthful life through mindful eating and self-care practices.

Sadie & Robin - Pick Up Limes

Demonstrating a world where vibrant health meets simple living. Sadia & Robin share beautifully crafted, plant-based recipes and travel lifestyle tips. Inspiring us all to live more mindful and wholesome lives.

Jesse Jenkins

Jesse has revolutionized the food scene with his beautifully cinematic cooking videos. In his words, his cuisine is “fresh, fast, and a bit filthy, with a laid-back American vibe—ideal for sharing.”

Rhonda Patrick

Delving deep into the realms of biochemistry, Rhonda illuminates the path to optimal health, nutrition, and longevity. Her science-backed insights empower viewers with evidence-based practices for transformative well-being.

Mitch Lamoureux

His approach, “griddy yet simple”, promises a culinary adventure either out on trail or in your own kitchen. ‘The Mitch Method,’ showcases how everyday meals can be transformed through inventive techniques.

Gill Meller

Gill’s culinary philosophy is a blend of simplicity and innovation. His recipes invite you to explore the rhythms of the seasons, crafting meals that are in harmony with the natural world.

Pipers Farm

Pipers Farm’s approach to nutrition is rooted in tradition and sustainability. Their ethos of responsible farming and respect for nature delivers wholesome, ethical food that nourishes the body and soul.

Julius Roberts

A farmer-cook extraordinaire, Julius infuses culinary creations with farm-fresh ingredients, celebrating nature’s flavors, fostering connection with food, turning the ordinary into sublime farm-to-table delights.

fitness & yoga

Breathe and Flow

Sharing their journey from corporate tech to globetrotting yoga instructors. Bre and Flo embrace complete health, coffee, travel, and photography. Their teachings go beyond the mat, focusing on strength, mindfulness, and community connection.

Cassey - blogilates

Blending pop music with classical Pilates, Cassey makes fitness fun. Her Blogilates journey inspires millions with accessible workouts and mental wellness, fostering a vibrant, healthy lifestyle community.

Juice & Toya

Starting in the world of personal training after earning degrees in Nutritional Science and Sports Medicine, Juice and Toya dedicate themselves to inspiring fitness and wellness through their expert-led, approachable programs.

Lucy Lismore

Our go-to for all things calisthenics, movement, and outdoor adventures, Lucy lost over 30kg and now inspires women with her bodyweight exercises for fitness and strength without the gym.

Tiff x Dan

Busy and short on time to keep fit? This loving duo’s created a unique collection of 5-30 minute exercises, perfectly organized for any schedule, inspiring busy individuals to stay fit.

Lauren & Travis - Inner Dimension

Their holistic approach weaves yoga and mindfulness into daily life, offering a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility. Designed for every level, their programs invite you to explore a deeper connection within across all six dimensions.

Boho Beautiful with Juliana and Mark

Juliana and Mark craft adventures where yoga meets mindfulness, creating Boho Beautiful escapes that inspire serenity and exploration, a perfect blend of physical and spiritual journeying.

Massy Arias

From battling depression to breaking physical limits, Massy Arias transforms lives through her testament to the power of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, radiating motivation worldwide.

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene makes yoga accessible and inspiring, offering high-quality practices on mindfulness and yoga, fostering a global community transcending age, ethnicity, and background with her inclusive approach.

Learn Calisthenics with Mattia Sampaoli

Mattia champions a holistic calisthenics approach, melding strength, mobility, and aesthetics into training that not only sculpts the body but also enhances its function and flexibility.

Melissa Wood

Melissa’s approach intertwines fitness, nutrition and meditation presenting a holistic wellness pathway. Her programs nurture the body, mind, and spirit, encouraging a balanced, healthful life through mindful eating and self-care practices.

Dad Hours with Brandon Swan

Mastering peak performance with minimal gear, an ex-professional athlete shares secrets to unlock your best self on a tight schedule, inspiring others to achieve greatness.

Nick Bare

A military veteran, began his fitness journey in a college apartment. His ‘Go One More®’ mantra and hybrid athlete lifestyle inspire others to push boundaries and optimize performance.

brain health & our mind

Andrew huberman PHD.

In the quest for understanding the mind’s intricacies, Andrew bridges the gap between complex neuroscience and daily well-being. His teachings offer transformative tools for enhancing mental clarity and emotional resilience.

dr. Amen - the amen clinics

The Amen Clinics Method is a multi-modal approach to treatment. A critical look at your brain within the context of your life, which includes biological, psychological, social, and spiritual influences.

Josh Ritcher co-founder of brio

Author, neuron-hacker, and podcast host, josh has studied the brain, our perceptions, and reframing self-talk for decades. His simple, vulnerable approach makes his 8-week brain rewiring course a valuable tool for battling depression, and anxiety.


Sarah blondin

Guiding through heart’s depths, ‘Live Awake’ meditations transform, heal, and awaken the soul, revealing inner truths. Unceasingly exploring life’s complexities and nuances, fostering healing journeys within.

Great Meditation

Producing exclusive guided meditations with original recordings, music, commentary, and visuals, offering transformative content for a unique, peaceful meditation experience, guiding seekers toward peace, balance, and tranquility.

Melissa Wood

Melissa emphasizes the power of meditation alongside fitness and nutrition. Her guided sessions foster deep grounding, stress alleviation, and the cultivation of inner strength, accessible to all seeking tranquility.

Mindful Peace by Nate

Nate brings a gentle introduction to mindfulness with ‘Mindful Peace,’ guiding you to a place where focus and presence turn every moment into an opportunity for peace.


Mooji guides seekers on a profound journey to self-discovery, illuminating the path to freedom and peace, urging a shift from the personal self to presence for liberation.

Boho Beautiful with Juliana and Mark

Juliana and Mark craft adventures where yoga meets mindfulness, creating Boho Beautiful escapes that inspire serenity and exploration, a perfect blend of physical and spiritual journeying.

Healing Vibrations

Enter a world of sound with Healing Vibrations, where each note is tuned to soothe your soul, promote relaxation, and invite healing, turning silence into a sanctuary.

Aileen - Lavendaire

Offering empowering content, resources, and lifestyle products for personal growth and design, fostering a beautiful, meaningful life through practical, inspirational insights and tools.

Positive Energy Meditation Music

Uplift your spirit with Positive Energy Meditation Music, where melodies transform spaces into sanctuaries of calm, energizing your surroundings and infusing your days with positivity.

Mary Meckley

Guiding listeners daily, Mary brings calm, aiding stress reduction and clarity, fostering mindfulness and peace, making each day a step towards inner tranquility.

Guided Meditation Journey

Embark on a transformative path that deepens mindfulness, encouraging personal growth and a connection to the tranquil depths of your being, you never knew existed.

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene’s meditations cradle the soul, weaving a tapestry of tranquility and self-discovery, inviting listeners to explore inner landscapes and find solace in the gentle embrace of mindfulness.

Breath work

Wim Hof

‘The Iceman,’ introduces a revolutionary method combining cold exposure and breathwork that empowers individuals to achieve extraordinary health, strength, and self-awareness.

Owaken Breathwork with Hellé & Lucis

Breathwork transforms with Hellé & Lucis, guiding through Owaken sessions that unlock emotional clarity and vitality, bringing each breath closer to a state of profound inner peace.

Manoj Dias

Breath and mindfulness merge in Manoj’s teachings, offering a bridge to balanced living and a mindful existence that rejuvenates both spirit and mind, guiding towards a life of peace.

Ben Holt

Through Ben’s guidance, breath becomes a tool for transformation, offering techniques that reduce stress, enhance clarity, and balance emotions, making each breath a step towards harmony.

sleep hygiene

Dr. Michael Breus - The Sleep Doctor

Unlocking the secrets of slumber, Dr. Michael Breus guides you through the night, offering insights and strategies to enhance rest, well-being, and overall sleep quality.

Dr. Matt Walker

Dr. Walker reveals how optimal sleep elevates learning, mood, and energy, while protecting against diseases, slowing aging, and boosting business success through extensive clinical research and insights. 

The Sleep Foundation

Dedicated to improving sleep health, The Sleep Foundation illuminates the path to restful nights through evidence-based research, shedding light on the significance of sleep in our lives.

Addiction & Recovery

rich roll

After battling drug and alcohol addiction, Rich Roll reinvented himself into an Ultraman World Champion. His journey from addiction to peak physical and mental health serves as an inspiring example of transformation for us all.

Dr. Eric Garland

Innovating recovery through mindfulness, Dr. Eric Garland’s M.O.R.E. approach intertwines his deep research and therapy, offering new hope and practical tools for overcoming addiction and chronic pain.

Recovery 2.0 with Tommy Rosen

Blending yoga, breathwork, and holistic wellness, Tommy Rosen’s Recovery 2.0 offers a vibrant path to recovery, shining a light on a life beyond addiction.

The Hopeaholics with Chad, Natalie, & Shane

Illuminating new roads to recovery with inspiring weekly interviews. Chad, Natalie, & Shane share transformative journeys through ‘The Hopeaholics Podcast,’ offering resilience tools and hope in the battle against addiction.

James Swanwick

James has transformed thousands of lives by altering their relationship with alcohol. He empowers people to gain lifelong control over alcohol, significantly enhancing their lives, clarity, and personal achievement.

Eric Zimmer

Eric is endlessly inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work. Offering wisdom and strategies to intentionally create the lives we want to live.

Josh Ritcher co-founder of brio

Josh’s 8-week course is designed to reframe negative self-talk and deep-rooted triggers. This powerful program is your secret weapon against self-sabotage and addiction, offering practical strategies to reclaim control of your brain.

brio kids


Vooks enriches childhood with animated storybooks, merging captivating narration and music in an educational, ad-free experience that inspires a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Yogapalooza with Bari Koral

Bari Koral brings Yogapalooza to life, blending yoga with music and fun, crafting an energizing adventure that encourages kids to explore mindfulness and movement with joy and play.


Through the innovative minds of three media veterans and parents, Tinkercast sparks curiosity in kids and grown-ups alike, making every listener marvel at the wonder of the world.

Jaime Amor - Cosmic Kids

In Jaime’s yoga adventures, children embark on a journey of discovery, where storytelling and movement fuse to teach mindfulness, physical well-being, and the joy of playful exercise.

New Horizon

With their meticulously crafted meditations, New Horizon whisks children (and adults) away to fantastical realms, aiding healing, relaxation, and the magic of imagination through guided storytelling.

A Kids Co.

A Kids Co. nurtures young minds with enriching content that celebrates learning, creativity, and the joy of discovery, providing a diverse toolkit for imaginative and intellectual growth.

Your insights and recommendations for creators are appreciated.


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